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Yikes! My name color keep changing while i am in chat!

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Yikes! My name color keep changing while i am in chat!

Post by Tony on Fri Sep 09, 2011 10:47 am

This is a simple forumotion error, no need to fret. This problem is easily solved by joining a colored group, or by buying a new color/effect in the shop;This overrides the error, forcing you to stay1 color, one of your choosing.

[11:34:49] beasthaxorous : lol i wanted the but tony put da.i think its bcuz im part black that he did tho lol

[20:58:59] MS : Tony your a creeper

[20:30:44] Ben Dover. : i wouldnt complain if you just did one thing to make the site better.

[12:56:26] beasthaxorous : I,work it harder make it better do it faster makes us stronger,each day.

[23:39:16] wanda : Keep it PG Harvey.

[23:56:26] @ Not the old Erick : I can't gurantee I won't get raped by Tony

[18:59:43] Lugia : Tony
[18:59:47] Lugia : You > Everyone else
[18:59:52] Lugia : ^That's right!

[21:15:11] DJ P0N-3 has logged off the chat on Thu Aug 25, 2011 9:15 pm : stay beautiful tony

[21:36:19] Ben Dover. : your an incovenience..

[19:03:06] pants, the crafty : tone, you old dog!

[22:55:09] DJ P0N-3 : And my ponies aren't dolls, they're action figures with REAL BRUSHABLE HAIR YEEEEEAHUH

[21:29:20] @ DJ P0N-3 : I don't fear you

[21:29:29] Ben Dover. : Im not scared of you dude,

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Re: Yikes! My name color keep changing while i am in chat!

Post by David on Fri Sep 09, 2011 11:20 am

Yes, What Harvey said ^^^

This is caused by you using either a mobile web browser or using a browser that is open sourced (Such as Firefox or Google Chrome). Forumotion uses an Apache Server and a Windows Server, so they tend to have a lot of bugs. To rid yourself of this error without using points to color change or joining a group...Use Internet Explorer or make a single post in the forum: You may be in a group that does colorize your name, but you wont go through white, purple, and occasionally yellow.

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